With the Season 2 finale of I Didn’t Do It airing just over a week ago and with news that it wasn’t renewed for another season I thought I’ll bring back the feels (I’m still not over this news as well :/) and write about things we may never get to see in a new season.

  1. JOGAN: With that FINALLY happening in the finale, we might never get to see how their relationship plays out. With the drama of high school life, who knows what Jasmine and Logan’s relationship would be. Would their relationship stay strong during the ups and down? Do they realise that they’re better off being friends?
  2. Lindy’s love life: Lindy has been unlucky in relationships over the past two seasons and it would be nice for her to finally find someone. Guess that will never happen šŸ˜¦
  3. Delia’s story line: We’ve met Lindy and Logan’s parents, know that Piper’s dad is a dentist and that Garrett’s mum (mom?) is a dog shower. But what about Delia????? So far, all that is known about Delia is that her mum made her do pageants and that she has two dads. How did that happen?

I Didn’t Do It was an amazing show with interesting characters that we got to see grow up during the two seasons that it ran for.

I loved the first season’s structure with its mystery element. It was so cool to see the ending first and the rest of the episode was slowly making their way up to their moment with laughs on the way. Even though this was changed in Season 2, there was a lot of character develop and interesting storylines that got better as the show progressed.

I Didn’t Do It’s storyline was just about 5 ordinaryĀ teenagers going through life. It can be related to many people’s lives as the characters experienced normal things such as getting a first job, first relationship, getting a driver’s license and going to school. These types of things weren’t in any other Disney Channel show as much as it was in this.

I Didn’t Do It had such a short run and it is sad that they are no longer airing, but it has shown usĀ such amazing talent and hopefully we get to see more of what the cast can bring in the future with their own projects.


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