Countdown to 2016 – 3 days to go

Hey guys! The new year is approaching fast but it feels like 2015 only just started. One of the new Disney Channel movies that came out this year was Descendants. The movie was then continued as an animated series called Descendants: Wicked World.

This show follows on from where the movie left off with the villain kids still at Auradon Prep. The actors/actresses that voiced the characters in the movie also voice them for the animated series. In this post, I will be outlining the pros and cons of this show.


  • We get introduced to new characters. So far, the new characters that have appeared are: Freddie (daughter of Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog), Jordan (daughter of The Genie), Ally (the daughter of Alice from Alice in Wonderland).
  • The episodes are short, so there is always suspense for the next episode, never leaving you bored.
  • They sung ‘Good is the New Bad'(Episode 9) which was not in the movie but in the soundtrack for the movie.


  • The episodes are only 2 minutes long on average. They’re over so quick before they even began.
  • A new episode comes every two weeks. They are short and we have to wait a long time to see a new one.

So far, there are only 12 episodes which you can catch up on before the new episodes come. The animated series is quite good and with Descendants 2 coming out soon, hopefully they include the new characters as well!



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