Countdown to 2016 – 2 days to go

Shows of 2015

Hey guys! 2016 is almost here and today I’m going to write about the shows the started and ended in 2015.

Shows the ended in 2015 were Jessie, Dog with a Blog and I Didn’t Do It. Jessie was continued as a spin-off show called Bunk’d which also started this year. I was never a fan of Dog with a Blog as I never really got the concept of the dog talking, so there’s not much to say about this show. The show I was sad about it ending was I Didn’t Do It. I wrote a blog about it ending as this was one of my favourite shows and was very short-lived. I really liked the storyline and the concept of ordinary teenagers going to highschool and just simply living life.

Shows that started in 2015 were as mentioned above Bunk’d as well as Best Friends Whenever, K.C Undercover and the animated series of Descendants called Descendants: Wicked World. I’m loving K.C Undercover at the moment with Zendaya playing a spy. The plot is cool as well as the secret spy gadgets they use. Best Friends Whenever has quite a cool concept of best friends always being best friends at any point in time. There is a time-jump aspect that can be confusing at times but overall it’s a good show. Loving the animated Descendants series as I said yesterday.



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