Countdown to 2016- 1 day to go!

2016 is almost upon us so today I will be doing my favourites of 2015 post.

Favourite Song from a Disney Channel Original Movie: This is a tough one as I love ‘On My Own’ from Teen Beach 2 as well as ‘If Only’ and ‘Set It Off’ from Descendants. arrghhh!!!!! Okay, my favourite song from DCOM is ‘If Only’ from Descendants sung by Mal (portrayed by Dove Cameron)

Favourite song from a TV Series: ‘Take it From the Top’ from Austin & Ally. This song is from the new season and has a cool dance that goes with it.

Favourite episode of the year: This is a tie between ‘Ask-Her-More-A-Rooney’ from Liv & Maddie because of the gender issues addressed in the episode and ‘Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project’ from Girl Meets World simply because it left me in tears.

Favourite finished series of the year: This obviously goes to I Didn’t Do It. Was way too short and there could have been more development to the storylines and characters if it continued.

Favourite new series of the year: This has to be K.C Undercover. Loving the whole concept of it and Zendaya’s high kicks are amazing.

Favourite overall series of the year: Girl Meets World because every episode always has a message behind it. Love the characters and this is a great show for both young and old.

Favourite character from a DCOM: For the comedic side, it has to be Tanner from Teen Beach 2 simply because his perception of the modern world is hilarious. Overall favourite character would have to be Mal from Descendants, though Cleo from Invisible Sister was close second.

Favourite character from a series: Riley Matthews (portrayed by Rowan Blanchard) from Girl Meets World. I love Riley’s quirkiness and how loyal and caring she is towards her friends. Sometimes it means sacrificing love in order to make her friend happy (hopefully that was not a spoiler).

Well, that’s it for 2015. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and bring on 2016!

(Credits to DisneyMusicVEVO for the music)


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