Review: Lab Rats Elite Force

Hey guys! It’s been a while, but I’m returning to my blog with a review on the new show ‘Lab Rats Elite Force’.


Lab Rats Elite Force, or LREF for short, is a spin-off show that combines ‘Mighty Med’ and ‘Lab Rats’ together. It starts off where both the shows end and features Bree (Kelli Berglund) and Chase (William Brent aka Billy Unger) from Lab Rats and Skylar (Paris Berelc), Oliver (Jake Short) and Kaz (Bradley Steven Perry). These characters from both shows form a team to try to find out who destroyed Might Med.

Five episodes in, the dynamic of the characters together brings the show to life. There a lot of humour and friendship bonds being created between characters. The friendship development between Skylar and Bree is also fun to watch as they try to embrace sisterhood after being around boys for so long. Overall, this show is off to a good start and brings the best from the two previous shows.


I would rate this show a 4 out of 5 stars. The show can develop so much more in further episodes but it is a really great start.


I would recommend this show to anyone, especially those who like superheroes and hero/villain type shows. You don’t have to watch ‘Lab Rats’ or ‘Mighty Med’ to follow this show. I never really kept up with either show but have managed to follow the story line of LREF just fine. 🙂


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