I just watched ‘Summer Forever’!!!

Hey guys! Today, I thought I’ll do a movie review to mix things up :). I recently watched the movie ‘Summer Forever’ which stars Megan Nicole (YouTuber), Alyson Stoner (Camp Rock), Anna Grace Barlow and Ryan McCartan (Liv & Maddie).

This movie came out in September 2015 and is available through video on demand.

The main plot of the movie is about three bestfriends making the best of their last weekend together before going their separate ways. They write a list of things each of them have to accomplish before the weekend ends. This movie was loosely based on Megan Nicole’s song, also with the same name, Summer Forever that she wrote in 2013.

This movie has a very sweet, light tone to it. It brings forward the best of what summer has to offer and encompasses into one great movie. The music in the movie is all original work with the main four cast members having parts.

The storyline is very easy to follow and each character have unique personalities which makes this movie relatable to everyone. There is a Taylor Swift ‘You Belong with Me’ vibe between Megan Nicole and Ryan McCartan which was even recognised in their dialogue!

Overall this is a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who loves summer and movies with singing in it. It’s a definite must-watch for summer!



The Girl and the Dreamcatcher are releasing an EP!

Exciting news! Our ears are going to be blessed with magical music from The Girl and the Dreamcatcher (a.k.a Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan)

TGATDC announced on their social media that they will be releasing their debut EP “Negatives” this summer. They recently hinted at the titles to songs on their EP such as “Gladiator”, “I Really Hate Parties” and “The Heat”, it’s hard not to get excited.

Can’t wait to hear the new music!!!

Sofia Carson is the Next Big Thing!!

Huge congratulations to Sofia who was just named Radio Disney’s NBT!

Sofia Carson recently released her debut single “Love is the Name” and will feature in videos following the development of her musical career. She follows on from former NBTs such as Bea Miller and Jacob Whitesides. Judging by her amazing first single, it looks like great things are in her future!

These videos will be presented on Radio Disney, Disney Channel and various social media outlets.

Sofia Carson will also star in the upcoming DCOM ‘Adventures in Baby Sitting’ alongside Sabrina Carpenter. This movie is the 100th Disney Channel movie and Disney is celebrating! The movie comes out on June 24th.