New DCOM Alert!

Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand will be starring in an all new Disney Channel Original Movie! The movie is called “The Swap” and is about Ellie, a rhythmic gymnast, and Jake, a hockey player, who swap bodies after text message. They then have to live as each other and do what the other person does.

This movie is based on a book written by Megan Shull under the same name. It is set to screen as part of the annual ‘Monstober’ event in October. Here’s a first look at the film!


‘Smoke from Distant Fires’

Sonika Vaid, finalist from American Idol, and Will Jay, from the Voice of China/IM5, have collaborated with each other and Radio Disney to release ‘Smoke from Distant Fires’.

This is a light and sweet song that talks about a relationship that once was, but may have drifted apart both physically and emotionally however the love still remained in their hearts. It urges them to not look back on what they had but come together and try to love again.

Will Jay’s and Sonika Vaid’s voices meld together to create this masterpiece and the harmonies are on point. Will can even hold his own on the high notes which is amazing.

Fans in the U.S can vote to hear it on Radio Disney by voting ‘Pick it or Kick it’ in Music Mailbag. For those outside the U.S, you are able to stream the song on Spotify. Here is a sneak peak of the music video:

Jordan Fisher’s New EP

You’ve probably seen him and heard his vocal talents in Liv & Maddie and Teen Beach Movie on Disney Channel or most recently on Grease: Live!, but Jordan Fisher has now released his debut self-titled E.P. The E.P. was released August 19, 2016 and has four songs on it.

This multi-talented artist and Radio Disney’s newest Next Big Thing (N.B.T) first released “All About Us” a few months back and has been on a whirlwind radio tour promoting his E.P. The music video for this has already reached 3.5 million views and the song is climbing the charts. Other songs on the E.P. are “Counterfeit”, “All I Wanna Do” and “Lookin’ Like That”.

All songs showcase his incredible vocal range and a falsetto that is not humanly possible. Songs on the E.P have a mixture of R&B, pop and some hip-hop. These songs make you want to dance and his voice has this cool swagger that hugs the lyrics which gives them purpose and meaning.

This E.P is an amazing introduction for Jordan Fisher and we can’t wait for the album!Jordan Fisher’s E.P. is available for download on iTunes and Google Play and able to be streamed on Spotify.

A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits

Sofia Carson is one busy person! She is following in the footsteps of Hillary Duff, Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez by recreating the classic Cinderella story. This movie is the fourth installment of this and is classified as a teen comedy musical film. So, if you love Cinderella and musicals, then this is the movie for you!

This Cinderella story follows Tessa (a modern day Cinderella) who has to work as an assistant to help her step sisters audition to be the next Cinderella in a play. While doing this, she realises she wants to do it and auditions as well by being a different person, as she tries to follow her heart and dream. Tessa is also a mechanic.

The film has already been released digitally (August 2, 2016) and will be released on DVD on August 16th. It will also screen on Freeform in 2017.

The soundtrack has also been released and is available for purchase on iTunes Music and streamed on Spotify.

You can check the trailer for the movie here:

Show I’m loving at the moment: Backstage

Backstage is a Canadian teen drama series which started earlier this year. It follows a group of teenagers that all attend a prestigious performing arts school where there are different specialisations including music, art and dance. It has been renewed for a second season starting in 2017.

Backstage follows a group of teenagers that attend Keaton, an intense high school that focuses on the performing arts. Most of these teenagers dream of making it big one day in the future, and Keaton is just a stepping stone to their path to fame. However, day-to-day life can get in the way and these problems are intensified by being in such a fast-pace, high-stress environment. It touches on a wide range of issues, that are quite mature for a children’s show, such as family, friendship, rivalry, competition and school.

The show is shot documentary style and follows the students as they attend class and try to hone their talent. They is also a “confession cam” where individual students talk to a camera about what is going on as well as confess feelings. We get to connect deeper with the characters as it feels like they are talking to us.

Backstage follows multiple students. We have ballet dancers, Carly and Vanessa, who are best friends – we’ll see whether their friendship can last the pressure of Keaton. There’s also Sasha, a fellow dancer and school gossip columnist. Scarlett, a singer who wants to be a star. Alya, a talented singer who lacks confidence and many more characters. It would be easy to find someone you can relate to with such a diverse cast.

Does this seem like a show you’re interested in? Check out the trailer to find out more:

TGATDC New EP! – ‘Negatives’

The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, made up of Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, just released their debut EP last week called ‘Negatives’. This EP showcases the amazing vocal talents of these two in songs that express and encapsulate a wide range of topics. Here is a breakdown of the songs in the EP:


  • Make You Stay: this song was released a while before the EP accompanied by a sweet music video which also starred Luke Benward and has amassed more than 5 million views. This is the first song off the EP and the lyrics are so sweet and simple and depict a person wanting to do anything to make their partner stay. This song really warms the heart and their vocals on this song are perfect.
  • Glowing In The Dark: this was another song that was released earlier, a whole 6 months before the release of the EP. The music video has already gotten more than 13 million views and this song had fans hooked for this new EP. This song has a awesome beat and carries on the theme of the entire EP.
  • Gladiator: This is another sweet song off the EP. Gladiator has sweet lyrics which that gives off such a strong message: “I go gladiator for your love”, a line in the chorus which shows that love is worth fighting for.
  • My Way: this song expresses the craving to do things “My Way”. TGATDC show that they want to express thing in their own way that shows individuality and creativity. They have definitely encompassed what this song is about through their EP. Dove’s higher register gives the chorus an eerie feel that really speaks to you.
  • Cry Wolf: This song is definitely upbeat which the strong lyrical undertones it is trying to portray. Cry Wolf speaks of relationships, especially the highs and lows of one, the wanting to leave but then coming back. “All we ever do is cry wolf” – possibly a reference to the story “The Boy who Cried Wolf” (?). The whole song has an animalistic feel that just makes you want to move.
  • Monster: this haunting ballad rounds off this exceptional EP with soaring melodies and relatable lyrics that seem to fill every space within you. Their voices meld together and complement each other so well in this song.

Dove and Ryan have taken us on a journey on this EP. Our ears have been blessed with the way their voices blend and complement each other. Their voices are given equal opportunities to shine and we get to really hear the extensive range in their voices. I have officially caught “the dream”. If this is just the beginning, can’t wait for what new music they have in store for us! or maybe a full album is next?
You can purchase The Girl and the Dreamcatcher’s debut EP on iTunes and Google Play Music. It is also available to stream on Spotify as well as on their YouTube channel.


Things you may not know about Sabrina Carpenter!!

  1. Sabrina’s full name is Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter
  2. She was born in May, 1999 so she is a Taurus
  3. When she was young, she came third in a singing competition sponsored by Miley Cyrus called ‘The Miley Cyrus Project’
  4. She is best friends with her on-screen BFF in ‘Girl Meets World’ Rowan Blanchard
  5. She is allergic to apples and peaches
  6. As well as acting and singing, Sabrina Carpenter is also a ballet dancer. She showcased this talent in her music video for ‘Smoke and Fire’
  7. Sabrina’s musical influences include Adele and Christina Aguilera
  8. Sabrina is the youngest in her family. She has 3 older sisters: Cayla, Shannon and Sarah. Sarah also has a role on ‘Girl Meets World’ as one of the students
  9. She has won two Radio Disney Music Awards
  10. Sabrina has songs on other DCOM soundtracks (‘Stand Out’ on ‘How to Build a Better Boy’ and ‘Rescue Me’ on ‘Teen Beach 2’) as well as ‘Wildside’ in ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ which she also starred in.

Hope some of the things on the list surprise you. How many of these did you know?