Show I’m loving at the moment: Backstage

Backstage is a Canadian teen drama series which started earlier this year. It follows a group of teenagers that all attend a prestigious performing arts school where there are different specialisations including music, art and dance. It has been renewed for a second season starting in 2017.

Backstage follows a group of teenagers that attend Keaton, an intense high school that focuses on the performing arts. Most of these teenagers dream of making it big one day in the future, and Keaton is just a stepping stone to their path to fame. However, day-to-day life can get in the way and these problems are intensified by being in such a fast-pace, high-stress environment. It touches on a wide range of issues, that are quite mature for a children’s show, such as family, friendship, rivalry, competition and school.

The show is shot documentary style and follows the students as they attend class and try to hone their talent. They is also a “confession cam” where individual students talk to a camera about what is going on as well as confess feelings. We get to connect deeper with the characters as it feels like they are talking to us.

Backstage follows multiple students. We have ballet dancers, Carly and Vanessa, who are best friends – we’ll see whether their friendship can last the pressure of Keaton. There’s also Sasha, a fellow dancer and school gossip columnist. Scarlett, a singer who wants to be a star. Alya, a talented singer who lacks confidence and many more characters. It would be easy to find someone you can relate to with such a diverse cast.

Does this seem like a show you’re interested in? Check out the trailer to find out more:


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