‘Smoke from Distant Fires’

Sonika Vaid, finalist from American Idol, and Will Jay, from the Voice of China/IM5, have collaborated with each other and Radio Disney to release ‘Smoke from Distant Fires’.

This is a light and sweet song that talks about a relationship that once was, but may have drifted apart both physically and emotionally however the love still remained in their hearts. It urges them to not look back on what they had but come together and try to love again.

Will Jay’s and Sonika Vaid’s voices meld together to create this masterpiece and the harmonies are on point. Will can even hold his own on the high notes which is amazing.

Fans in the U.S can vote to hear it on Radio Disney by voting ‘Pick it or Kick it’ in Music Mailbag. For those outside the U.S, you are able to stream the song on Spotify. Here is a sneak peak of the music video:


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