First look at Descendants 2!

The first released image of the cast from Descendants 2 have been released! In this image we see our favourite VKs (Villain Kids) and Prince Ben. The VKs have new edgier looks and even Prince Ben fits right in with a edgy VK look as well. Can’t wait for what the new look is all about!

Image result for descendants 2

Credits to Disney and TVLine for the image


Not much is known about the storyline of the new DCOM but it is known that new characters have been added. China Anne McClain will be playing Uma, daughter of Ursula; Thomas Doherty as Harry, son of Captain Hook and Dylan Playfair will play Gil, son of Gaston. Look for more news in the future!

What do you guys think of the new looks? Are you excited for Descendants 2?


New Liv and Maddie Season 4 Promo!!

Hey guys! Long time no talk!

I recently stumbled across the promo for the new Liv and Maddie season and didn’t realise that it was starting soon. The first episode of the new season is set to premier on the 23rd of September and is titled “Sorta Sisters-a-Rooney”.

Here is the trailer for the new promo.

The season 3 finale showed that the Rooney family was destroyed due to the tunnels Parker built under the house. This has led to the Rooney’s moving to California. Maddie has a basketball scholarship to SCSU and Liv has a new show called Sing it Louder (probably a sequel to the show Sing it Loud).

Liv and Maddie is now called “Liv and Maddie: Cali Style” so obviously there is a change in location but we’ll have to wait for what kinds of adventures they will have in California.

Are you guys excited for the new season?

Movie Review: Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar was released on May 6th, 2016 and stars Kelli Berglund (Lab Rats). This movie follows a 16 year old gymnast who screwed up in a major competition and decides to move from America to Australia with her mother. There she joins the gymnastic team and tries to tackle her demons from her past.

This movie has the typical new place, new school where the main character has to make new friends has some rivals and a possible romance. However, it was wonderfully shot with some humour injected between the seriousness that is gymnastics competition. Kelli Berglund also has a very emotional scene that her character is in which comes across heart-wrenching to the audience.

It was also nice to see the mixture of Australian culture into the movie, from the accent to driving on the opposite side of the road to America and netball. It was a good perspective of a foreigner in another country which was played upon in this movie.

If you like gymnastics, or want to marvel at this incredible and physically demanding sport, then watch the trailer to find out more:


Sabrina Carpenter news!

Exciting news! Sabrina Carpenter has recently announced that she will be releasing her second (sophomore) album titled ‘EVOLution’.

The album is set to be released on October 14th and will feature her recently released song ‘On Purpose’. The album has a total of 10 songs.

This album is rightly named based on her new music that she’s released already. ‘On Purpose’ and ‘Smoke and Fire’ both have a more mature sound in both melody and lyrics that have “evolved” since her debut album which was about new loves, friendships and life. These songs were about being in a relationship discussing more grown-up topics.

Also, in her album art the ‘EVOL’ part is inverted which says love backwars. So judging by this, we may expect to hear quite a few songs about love which was also seen in ‘Smoke and Fire’ and ‘On Purpose’.

Absolutely can’t wait for new music from Sabrina Carpenter, so would definitely be counting down the days!

Book Review: Return to the Isle of the Lost

Return to the Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz is her second book about Descendants released on May 24th 2016.

This book follows on from where the Disney Channel Original Movie left off, in Auradon. The story shows how the VK (Villain Kids) are doing pretty well at Auradon Prep and have realised that being good isn’t that bad. Maleficent is still a lizard, but there have been sightings of a purple dragon in Auradon. All four VKs also receive a strange message that have got them thinking about home.

This book is filled with some twists and turns that made me want to continue reading to see what happens. Some of the plot twists seem obvious, but they really aren’t. It also incorporates a lot of what happens in the movie as well as the spin-off show Descendants: Wicked World. They also included some of the extra characters from that animation like Freddie (Dr. Facilier’s daughter) and Jordan (Genie’s daughter) as well as other characters we have met in the movie.

I also like how in this book, we are able to explore more of Auradon and build up a picture of it in our minds. It gives us a better picture of this world that we may not be able to see in the animation series or the movie. We also get a few chapters in Ben’s perspective as he travels Auradon, so we get to see how all the places are connected. The book also has a map of Auradon.

After this book, I can’t wait for the second Descendants movie! Also, it was recently announced that Melissa De La Cruz will be releasing a third Descendants novel in May 2017! I can’t wait for where this story leads to.

This book would be great for anyone that is already into the Descendants world or wanting to get into it. If you haven’t already, read Melissa De La Cruz’s first book which is the prequel to the Descendants movie!