Sabrina Carpenter news!

Exciting news! Sabrina Carpenter has recently announced that she will be releasing her second (sophomore) album titled ‘EVOLution’.

The album is set to be released on October 14th and will feature her recently released song ‘On Purpose’. The album has a total of 10 songs.

This album is rightly named based on her new music that she’s released already. ‘On Purpose’ and ‘Smoke and Fire’ both have a more mature sound in both melody and lyrics that have “evolved” since her debut album which was about new loves, friendships and life. These songs were about being in a relationship discussing more grown-up topics.

Also, in her album art the ‘EVOL’ part is inverted which says love backwars. So judging by this, we may expect to hear quite a few songs about love which was also seen in ‘Smoke and Fire’ and ‘On Purpose’.

Absolutely can’t wait for new music from Sabrina Carpenter, so would definitely be counting down the days!


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