Lab Rats: Elite Force is ending 😭

The season finale for Season 1 of Lab Rats: Elite Force is set to premiere on the 22nd of October and would be a 1-hour long finale. However, there has been no news of a renewal for a second season of LREF. Kelli Berglund also confirmed it was ending on social media.

The season finale’s plot would be that Roman and Riker are back and the team has to defend Centium City from their attack. This episode is also directed by William Brent who portrays Chase in LREF as seen by this tweet, so this will be a very special episode:

I really like this show and felt that there was a lot of character development of all of the characters that was different from the shows they came from. We get to see them away away from mission settings like those seen in Lab Rats which made for more comedic showing. Also, the characters from Might Med and Lab Rats seem to integrate nicely and we have seen new relationships being formed as well as some tension from working out the new group.

I think a second season would definitely develop each of the characters much further and we may be able to see what missions are like seeing as the team has been established. I also want to see the full extent of Bree’s powers that she obtained in this season. There’s a lot of storyline left for LREF and I really hope they do renew the season.

Don’t forget to watch LREF and if you feel like there should be a second season, sign this petition here.


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