Sabrina Carpenter’s New Album!

It has arrived! Sabrina Carpenter has recently released her second, or sophomore, album and have gifted our ears with amazing new music.

The new album contains 10 songs, including the singles “On Purpose”, “All we have is Love”, “Run and Hide” and “Thumbs” that she released leading up to the album release.

The new album is a definite evolution from her first one, with a more edgy and mature sound that contrasts from the light and youthful of her first album. It shows her growing up in the year and a half since her first album that definitely shows in the music. She sings about being too young to fall in love in ‘Eyes Wide Open’ to being in love and falling out of love in her new album.

Her voice is also much more mature and the strength of her voice is definitely showcased in this album. From soaring high notes to being in the lower register and the control of her voice on lighter, quieter notes definitely shows the impeccable range that this girl has.

You can listen to all the songs from the album including acoustic and live versions of some of the songs:

Sabrina Carpenter also did a live concert on the Honda Civic Stage where some of the songs of the album was performed as well as some from her first album and covers of Beyonce’s “Freedom” and Nick Jonas’ “Close”. You can view all videos relating to those here.

Sabrina Carpenter is also on tour in the U.S, so check out whether she’s coming to a town near you!

This album definitely shows a progression from the first album and we are expecting great things for her in the future! Right now, this album will be on replay until the next one. ☺


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