Countdown: 10 days till Christmas

Girl Meets World is a meaningful show that teaches its audience lesson about people and life. It has recently gone into its third season with filming finishing up for it earlier this year. There has been no news about whether it has been renewed for a fourth season.

Some members of the cast and fans of the show have been very active on the internet trying to get it renewed for another season using #saveGMW or #savegirlmeetsworld on social media to show the producers and Disney Channel what the show means to them and why the show should be saved. August Maturo (‘Auggie’) and Rowan Blanchard have been encouraging fans to use their voices and get it renewed. Cheryl Texiera (‘Katy’ – Maya’s mother) has even penned an open letter to Disney expressing what the show means to her on Twitter.

So, if you want more Girl Meets World in the future, let your voice be heard!

What Girl Meets World means to me: it is such a family oriented show that explores issues of friendship, bullying and growing up in depth that you always feel emotional afterwards. There is always a life lesson to be learnt in each episode that I can’t help but apply to my own life. It’s not just a show for kids and is loved by many people of all ages.


Countdown: 11 days till Christmas

Second post in this series and exciting news just in!

If you’ve seen my other posts, you know that I am currently obsessed with the UK series ‘The Lodge‘. The first season recently ended with only 10 episodes and it ended on such a cliffhanger that I just wanted more (don’t want to spoil it, so if you haven’t – watch it).

Well, my calls have been answered and Disney Channel UK have just announced that a second season is on its way in 2017 (10/10 excited for this)! They have posted on Instagram and YouTube of this exciting news. Hopefully they tie up all the loose ends from Season 1 and that there’s more new music.

Have a look at the announcements here:

Countdown: 12 days till Christmas

Hey guys! So last year, I attempted a countdown to 2016 but this year I have decided to countdown to Christmas instead. Everyday I’m going to bring you the highlights of 2016, incoming exciting news and what we should be looking forward to in 2017!

To start of this countdown, I’m going to get in the Christmas mood and talk about the release of some new Christmas songs!

Recently, the Disney Parks have kicked off Christmas celebrations with 3 different shows. Two of them featured on ABC and one on Disney Channel. The one featuring on Disney Channel was called ‘Disney Parks Presents: A Descendants Magical Holiday Celebration’. The show contained the main cast from Descendants (Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart and Cameron Boyce) among others. The Descendants cast performed a new Christmas song called “Jolly to the Core” set to the instrumental from “Rotten to the Core”. The lyrics have been changed to give a Christmas spin on the tune we’ve all been loving since the release of ‘Descendants‘.

Have a listen to it here:

Also, Forever in Your Mind have released a new Christmas song called ‘Celebrate’.

Take a little listen to it here:

So that’s the first post, look out for the rest of the countdown over the next few days!