No more Girl Meets World :(

If you’ve been reading this blog, I mentioned in my Countdown to Christmas  that there was no news on whether Girl Meets World was going to be renewed for a Season 4.

Well, recently, the sad news has come that there won’t be another season of Girl Meets World. *cue very very sad music* 😦

The cast have released heartfelt letters on social media expressing how much the show meant to them, as well as thanking their fans for all the support they have shown throughout the three seasons and trying to get the show saved.

A recent episode called “World Meets Girl” aired, where we got to see what happens behind-the-scenes with the cast. There was also a live segment where the cast asked the live audience questions and we got to see how the show has impacted/changed/inspired people all over the world. The power of the bay window (where Riley and Maya sit and have conversations about the world and life) was shown to be a true thing.

The last episode titled “Girl Meets Goodbye” features some of the original cast from Boy Meets World so it was a grand final goodbye.

It is sad to a show that teaches such inspiring life lessons go but I think it’s safe to say that during it’s 2 and a half years of broadcast have impacted its watchers in some shape or form.

What was your favourite moment or episode of Girl Meets World?


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