New ‘Descendants’ trailer

A new trailer for the second ‘Descendants’ movie has just been released! The trailer features the four main VKs: Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (Boo Boo Stewart).

Have a look at it here:

The VKs look like they’re up to something eh? Seems like they’re going back to the Isle of the Lost. Also, does that sound like a snippet of one of the songs?

With all these teaser trailers, it’s getting us real excited for the movie? Who else is excited???


Moana’s ‘You’re Welcome’ – Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jordan Fisher

Hey hey! If you haven’t seen ‘Moana’ yet, get on it pronto because it is amazing. The movie is about a young girl Moana who has to rescue her island from devastation by finding the demigod Maui. It is also about her finding her path to self-discovery and who she is.

In the movie, Maui (played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) sings a song called ‘You’re Welcome’ which is basically about how he should be thanked for everything he has done for humankind. Jordan Fisher and Lin-Manuel Miranda also sang a version of this song which features on the ‘Moana’ soundtrack.

Well, recently, the music video for their version was released online and shows Jordan Fisher in New York and Lin-Manuel Miranda in London and then they go meet up in the studio to record the song.

Have a look at it here:

Anyone else wonders how Jordan Fisher can hit those high notes?

Liv & Maddie finale

The finale of the last season of ‘Liv & Maddie’ is set to air next Friday 24 March. It was announced earlier in the year that the fourth season will be the last season and since then we’ve been dreading the day that it will end. Well, that day has finally come and it’ll be sad.

So, what’s next? A ‘Liv & Maddie’ movie perhaps?

But, if that’s not going to happen – we’ll be seeing Dove Cameron real soon reprising her role as Mal in the second Descendants movie set to premiere later this year!

Live-action Beauty and the Beast released!

Hi guys! The live-action version of Beauty of the Beast has been released! The animated movie was first released in 1991 and this new version stars Emma Watson as Belle!

Have a look at the trailer here:

John Legend and Ariana Grande also sang the title song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ together and it’s wonderful.

Have a listen and look at the music video here:

Who’s excited for it?????

RDMA nominees announced!

The nominees for the Radio Disney Music Awards were announced a week ago, so sorry for the late news post!

A while back, the hosts of the RDMAs were announced and the show will be on April 30th.

The full list of the nominees can be found here. The great thing is – you can vote for them!!

Head along to the Radio Disney webpage to cast your vote for your favourites!! You can vote as many times as you like.

I’m getting more excited as the RDMAs get closer, who else is??

New Disney Channel Show!!

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while and there has been a lot of news while I was away. The first news is that there is a new show on Disney Channel! If you’re already missing ‘Girl Meets World’ then this show may help fill that void.

The show is called ‘Andi Mack’ and follows the title character (played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee) who is used to following the rules and having routine in her life. However, this is altered when her older sister Bex comes home before her 13th birthday and reveals something that will change Andi’s life. Doesn’t that sound interesting???

The show was written by Terri Minsky who created ‘Lizzie McGuire’ which was an iconic show on Disney Channel back in the day (about 13 years ago).

To top that all off, Sabrina Carpenter sings the theme song “Tomorrow Starts Today” so that’s a ‘Girl Meets World’ connection right there.

If this show sounds cool to you, it is already available on-demand but the official air-date is April 7th on Disney Channel. 🙂