Moana’s ‘You’re Welcome’ – Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jordan Fisher

Hey hey! If you haven’t seen ‘Moana’ yet, get on it pronto because it is amazing. The movie is about a young girl Moana who has to rescue her island from devastation by finding the demigod Maui. It is also about her finding her path to self-discovery and who she is.

In the movie, Maui (played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) sings a song called ‘You’re Welcome’ which is basically about how he should be thanked for everything he has done for humankind. Jordan Fisher and Lin-Manuel Miranda also sang a version of this song which features on the ‘Moana’ soundtrack.

Well, recently, the music video for their version was released online and shows Jordan Fisher in New York and Lin-Manuel Miranda in London and then they go meet up in the studio to record the song.

Have a look at it here:

Anyone else wonders how Jordan Fisher can hit those high notes?


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