R5 New EP!

It’s been almost 2 years since R5 have released an album, so we know that they’ve been going hard trying to create wonderful new music. Well, they’ve just released a new EP called ‘New Addictions’! đŸ˜€

The EP features 5 songs and the band have been having secret listening parties for fans to have a first listen to the EP.

The EP is said to be more freeing in the sense that the band members didn’t stick to the traditional – Ross sings lead and the rest sing bits and pieces of songs. The EP is also said to have a Rocky solo (his first song he sings on his own). A music video for one of the songs called ‘If’ is also set to be released soon.

Their last EP ‘Heart Made Up On You’ came out in 2014 and it was a year later that ‘Sometime Last Night’ came out, so here’s hoping that a new album will be released within a year.

A review of the EP is coming soon, but have a listen to the EP on Spotify:


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