Pixar movie Easter eggs

Have you ever wondered how all your favourite Pixar movies are all connected to each other. Well, Disney was thinking the same thing and released on the Toy Story Facebook page the Easter eggs in the Pixar movies that relate to another Pixar movie.

Have a look for yourself on the Facebook page.

Neat right? Comment below if you knew any of these!


Things you may not know about Sabrina Carpenter!!

  1. Sabrina’s full name is Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter
  2. She was born in May, 1999 so she is a Taurus
  3. When she was young, she came third in a singing competition sponsored by Miley Cyrus called ‘The Miley Cyrus Project’
  4. She is best friends with her on-screen BFF in ‘Girl Meets World’ Rowan Blanchard
  5. She is allergic to apples and peaches
  6. As well as acting and singing, Sabrina Carpenter is also a ballet dancer. She showcased this talent in her music video for ‘Smoke and Fire’
  7. Sabrina’s musical influences include Adele and Christina Aguilera
  8. Sabrina is the youngest in her family. She has 3 older sisters: Cayla, Shannon and Sarah. Sarah also has a role on ‘Girl Meets World’ as one of the students
  9. She has won two Radio Disney Music Awards
  10. Sabrina has songs on other DCOM soundtracks (‘Stand Out’ on ‘How to Build a Better Boy’ and ‘Rescue Me’ on ‘Teen Beach 2’) as well as ‘Wildside’ in ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ which she also starred in.

Hope some of the things on the list surprise you. How many of these did you know?