New Descendants 2 song!

Get ready, Descendants 2 is coming!

The lyric video for a new song was recently released called ‘What’s my name?’. It’s sung by China Anne McClain and there’s a little rap by Thomas Doherty, who plays Harry Hook.

Get to know the lyrics before the movie premieres:


What’s my name? Ummmaaaa


Lodge music (again!)

Heyhey! Haven’t posted in a while, and there’s so much news to cover… so I better get started!

The second season of ‘The Lodge’ is set to premiere on Disney Channel UK real soon. A new music video was released on the Disney Channel UK YouTube page called ‘Over Til’ It’s Over’. We’ve already had a sneak preview of this song when there was an announcement of a special guest.

The song is sassy and has a nice beat to it, the dance moves in the video are real snappy and lively that it makes you want to join in and dance (even if you can’t). It features the entire cast, including a new member called Alex. She’s new this season of ‘The Lodge’ and is described as ‘ loves skateboarding and is totally chill, free-spirited and independent but there’s more to her than meets the eye’. Can’t wait to see how she fits within the cast.

Have a look at the music video here:

This is getting us real excited for the new season! Who else is excited?

R5 New EP!

It’s been almost 2 years since R5 have released an album, so we know that they’ve been going hard trying to create wonderful new music. Well, they’ve just released a new EP called ‘New Addictions’! 😀

The EP features 5 songs and the band have been having secret listening parties for fans to have a first listen to the EP.

The EP is said to be more freeing in the sense that the band members didn’t stick to the traditional – Ross sings lead and the rest sing bits and pieces of songs. The EP is also said to have a Rocky solo (his first song he sings on his own). A music video for one of the songs called ‘If’ is also set to be released soon.

Their last EP ‘Heart Made Up On You’ came out in 2014 and it was a year later that ‘Sometime Last Night’ came out, so here’s hoping that a new album will be released within a year.

A review of the EP is coming soon, but have a listen to the EP on Spotify:

Forever in Your Mind ‘Smooth’ Music Video

Last week, Forever in Your Mind released a new double-side single (two songs) called ‘Smooth’ and ‘Missing’.

A few days after the release of the singles, the music video for ‘Smooth’ came out. The music video is real ~smooth~ (see what i did there hehe). They incorporated some dancing into this video and it is on point.

The entire package of the song and the video show a lot of growth and maturity in their music and hopefully there will be more to come!

Watch the video here:

Alex Aiono and Sabrina Carpenter collab!

Hey guys! Recently, Alex Aiono and Sabrina Carpenter teamed up to perform their cover of Charlie Puth’s song ‘Attention’.

Sabrina is going on tour real soon (The De-Tour tour) across the U.S and Alex Aiono is going to be a special guest on her tour. Alex Aiono recently hosted at this year’s RDMA and also hosts a show on Radio Disney.

The cover was posted to Alex’s YouTube page (with 4.7 million subscribers) and the video has already amassed 1.8 million views. This version of song is funky (with some sort of squawking noise? and a good bass line)  and overall a great rendition of the original.

Have a look here:

Amazing Disney Playlist found!

Hey guys! I found an amazing playlist on Spotify the other day.

It’s titled ‘Disney Channel Hits’ and it totally lives up to its name. It’s got all your favourite hits from shows and movies. The playlist was made by Walt Disney Records.

It has hits from shows like Bunk’d, The Lodge and the animated Descendants: Wicked World all the way to shows such as Hannah Montana. It also has DCOM songs from Descendants, Teen Beach Movie and the throwback Camp Rock and High School Musical movies.

Nostalgia hit right there by listening to HSM and Camp Rock, and this playlist has 4 hours worth of goodness so get listening! I’m definitely listening to it 😀

You can listen to it here:

More Descendants 2 news!

The world premiere of the music video for ‘Ways to be Wicked‘ was debuted at the 2017 RDMAs and is now available to watch on YouTube.

Have a look here:

The music is absolutely amazing and I would like to know how Auradon Prep got into that state. The choreography is amazing and gives off some High School Musical vibes (Kenny Ortega, who directed HSM also directs this). This is hyping us up more and I can’t wait for the movie.


A new trailer for the movie was also released. This is an extended trailer (1 minute 40 seconds of pure goodness) and we get to see more of Uma (played by China Anne McClain). We see Mal trying to fit into Auradon Prep but can’t handle being that good and goes back to the Isle. There she meets Harry Hook (played by Thomas Doherty) and Uma, and undergoes a hair colour change – blonde Mal to pink-haired Mal? Uma wants Fairy Godmother’s wand and has kidnapped Ben (oh no!). How will the 4 VKs get out of this one?

Have a look at the trailer here:

The DCOM premieres on Disney Channel (as well as ABC, Freeform, Lifetime, Disney X D simultaneously) on July 21. Seriously CANNOT wait for the movie and I’m counting down the days till it airs (SO HYPED). Who else is excited?? 😀 😀