I tried out the Descendants App!!

Recently I was browsing through the app store and stumbled across this app! Since ‘Deescendants’ was so popular in 2015, I thought that I would try it out and seeing as it was made by Disney it had to be authentic (It is the official Mobile Gam for the movie). So, I downloaded it and gave it a whirl and here’s the review!

The Descendants app is a role-play app where you create a character that interacts with all the characters from the movie (i.e. Mal, Ben, Carlos etc.). You can change almost anything, from the face structure of your avatar to what kind of clothes they wear. It’s fun to dress up the avatar, and you are able to add clothing items to your wardrobe throughout the game.

Create character

Creating and customising my avatar


Once the avatar has been created, you are set to enter Auradon Prep!

The dialogue is set up in a series of arrows and script options where you can pick what your avatar says. Different characters will direct you to other characters and places in Auradon Prep where you will be able to help on missions. These missions are things like helping Evie organise a school part or Mal find her spellbook. Each mission that you complete rewards you and the more missions you complete rockets you to ‘Legendary’ status!


An interaction with Jay on the Tourney Field

One thing I didn’t like about this app is that if you want to play to your heart’s content – you can’t. Completing missions require energy and there’s a limit to that. To refill your energy you have to wait until it fills up again which takes agessss (maybe about 10-20 mins, but still).

I would recommend this game to anyone who loved the ‘Descendants’ movie (Kids, remember to ask your parents first before downloading). It lets you further delve into the world of Auradon Prep and discover new things about your favourite characters. You can also make friends with all the characters from the movie and they will be stored in a contact list on the app. Imagine being friends with Mal!