Countdown: 12 days till Christmas

Hey guys! So last year, I attempted a countdown to 2016 but this year I have decided to countdown to Christmas instead. Everyday I’m going to bring you the highlights of 2016, incoming exciting news and what we should be looking forward to in 2017!

To start of this countdown, I’m going to get in the Christmas mood and talk about the release of some new Christmas songs!

Recently, the Disney Parks have kicked off Christmas celebrations with 3 different shows. Two of them featured on ABC and one on Disney Channel. The one featuring on Disney Channel was called ‘Disney Parks Presents: A Descendants Magical Holiday Celebration’. The show contained the main cast from Descendants (Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart and Cameron Boyce) among others. The Descendants cast performed a new Christmas song called “Jolly to the Core” set to the instrumental from “Rotten to the Core”. The lyrics have been changed to give a Christmas spin on the tune we’ve all been loving since the release of ‘Descendants‘.

Have a listen to it here:

Also, Forever in Your Mind have released a new Christmas song called ‘Celebrate’.

Take a little listen to it here:

So that’s the first post, look out for the rest of the countdown over the next few days!


Sabrina Carpenter’s New Album!

It has arrived! Sabrina Carpenter has recently released her second, or sophomore, album and have gifted our ears with amazing new music.

The new album contains 10 songs, including the singles “On Purpose”, “All we have is Love”, “Run and Hide” and “Thumbs” that she released leading up to the album release.

The new album is a definite evolution from her first one, with a more edgy and mature sound that contrasts from the light and youthful of her first album. It shows her growing up in the year and a half since her first album that definitely shows in the music. She sings about being too young to fall in love in ‘Eyes Wide Open’ to being in love and falling out of love in her new album.

Her voice is also much more mature and the strength of her voice is definitely showcased in this album. From soaring high notes to being in the lower register and the control of her voice on lighter, quieter notes definitely shows the impeccable range that this girl has.

You can listen to all the songs from the album including acoustic and live versions of some of the songs:

Sabrina Carpenter also did a live concert on the Honda Civic Stage where some of the songs of the album was performed as well as some from her first album and covers of Beyonce’s “Freedom” and Nick Jonas’ “Close”. You can view all videos relating to those here.

Sabrina Carpenter is also on tour in the U.S, so check out whether she’s coming to a town near you!

This album definitely shows a progression from the first album and we are expecting great things for her in the future! Right now, this album will be on replay until the next one. ☺

Olivia Holt’s New EP!!!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post but I’m here now to write about Olivia Holt’s new EP 🙂

Olivia Holt has recently released her new EP which features 5 songs titled Phoenix, Thin Air, In the Dark, What You Love and History.

Olivia released the music video for Phoenix a while ago and has 1 million views already. Thin Air is a duet which features fellow Hollywood Records artist and BFF Jordan Fisher.

The songs on the EP are unique in their own special way and Olivia really portrays strong messages in each of the songs. Phoenix is the new motivational anthem to have!

Olivia Holt’s new EP is available to purchase on iTunes and streamed on Spotify.

You can also check out the playlist here:


On the 24th of June, Disney will release its 100th Disney Channel Original Movie! The new movie stars Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson and is called ‘Adventures in Babysitting’.

To honor the making of 100 movies, Disney Channel recently ran a weekend marathon pretty much showing all DCOM’s in existence.

As well as this, there is an album released with all your favourite songs from movies such as Camp Rock, High School Musical and Descendants! This album can be bought on iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music and streamed from various streaming services such as Spotify.

In addition to these nostalgic songs, Forever In Your Mind did a medley of some of these songs which is also available when you purchase the album. You can also have a listen to it here:

Can’t wait for ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ to come out! But in the mean time, going to  reminisce with the old DCOMs 😀

Countdown to 2016- 1 day to go!

2016 is almost upon us so today I will be doing my favourites of 2015 post.

Favourite Song from a Disney Channel Original Movie: This is a tough one as I love ‘On My Own’ from Teen Beach 2 as well as ‘If Only’ and ‘Set It Off’ from Descendants. arrghhh!!!!! Okay, my favourite song from DCOM is ‘If Only’ from Descendants sung by Mal (portrayed by Dove Cameron)

Favourite song from a TV Series: ‘Take it From the Top’ from Austin & Ally. This song is from the new season and has a cool dance that goes with it.

Favourite episode of the year: This is a tie between ‘Ask-Her-More-A-Rooney’ from Liv & Maddie because of the gender issues addressed in the episode and ‘Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project’ from Girl Meets World simply because it left me in tears.

Favourite finished series of the year: This obviously goes to I Didn’t Do It. Was way too short and there could have been more development to the storylines and characters if it continued.

Favourite new series of the year: This has to be K.C Undercover. Loving the whole concept of it and Zendaya’s high kicks are amazing.

Favourite overall series of the year: Girl Meets World because every episode always has a message behind it. Love the characters and this is a great show for both young and old.

Favourite character from a DCOM: For the comedic side, it has to be Tanner from Teen Beach 2 simply because his perception of the modern world is hilarious. Overall favourite character would have to be Mal from Descendants, though Cleo from Invisible Sister was close second.

Favourite character from a series: Riley Matthews (portrayed by Rowan Blanchard) from Girl Meets World. I love Riley’s quirkiness and how loyal and caring she is towards her friends. Sometimes it means sacrificing love in order to make her friend happy (hopefully that was not a spoiler).

Well, that’s it for 2015. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and bring on 2016!

(Credits to DisneyMusicVEVO for the music)

Countdown to 2016 – 4 days to go

So today’s post is going to be a review of the Disney Channel Original Movies of 2015.

The movies that were released in 2015 were Bad Hair DayTeen Beach 2, Descendants and Invisible Sister. 

Bad Hair Day: This movie was the first to be released in 2015 and after the success of Teen Beach 2 and Descendants, is quite forgettable. Although the movie is quite good and has all the things that you don’t want to happen on such a big day as prom. Rating: 6/10

Teen Beach 2: The anticipated sequel to Teen Beach Movie and definitely lived up to its expectations. This time the movie was set in Brady and Mack’s world and followed Lela and Tanner’s view of the modern world. The songs were groovy and catchy and made me want to dance!. My favourite song from this movie was definitely the ballad ‘On My Own’. Rating: 8/10

Descendants: Another anticipated movie of 2015. This movie followed the kids of villains from all your favourite movies such as Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin and Snow White. This movie was fantastic and I can’t wait for Descendants 2 coming out soon. Fav song: ‘Set it Off’ and ‘If Only’. Rating: 8/10

Invisible Sister: This movie was very overshadowed by Teen Beach 2 and Descendants, but it was different in the sense that it was not musically based. This movie had great messages behind the storyline but was unfortunately placed after the two bigger Disney movies of the years. There didn’t seem to be much advertising for this movie as Descendants and Teen Beach, but nevertheless, it was an amazing movie. Rating: 7/10

We Love Disney Soundtrack

Walt Disney Records has released a compilation of all your favourite Disney songs recreated by your favourite artists including Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Tori Kelly.

The album consists of songs from movies such as The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas and Mary Poppins.

Will post a review on the album soon.