More Descendants 2 news!

The world premiere of the music video for ‘Ways to be Wicked‘ was debuted at the 2017 RDMAs and is now available to watch on YouTube.

Have a look here:

The music is absolutely amazing and I would like to know how Auradon Prep got into that state. The choreography is amazing and gives off some High School Musical vibes (Kenny Ortega, who directed HSM also directs this). This is hyping us up more and I can’t wait for the movie.


A new trailer for the movie was also released. This is an extended trailer (1 minute 40 seconds of pure goodness) and we get to see more of Uma (played by China Anne McClain). We see Mal trying to fit into Auradon Prep but can’t handle being that good and goes back to the Isle. There she meets Harry Hook (played by Thomas Doherty) and Uma, and undergoes a hair colour change – blonde Mal to pink-haired Mal? Uma wants Fairy Godmother’s wand and has kidnapped Ben (oh no!). How will the 4 VKs get out of this one?

Have a look at the trailer here:

The DCOM premieres on Disney Channel (as well as ABC, Freeform, Lifetime, Disney X D simultaneously) on July 21. Seriously CANNOT wait for the movie and I’m counting down the days till it airs (SO HYPED). Who else is excited?? 😀 😀


More Descendants news!

Heyhey! Even more Descendants 2 deets have been released!

The tracklist for the movie has been announced and available for pre-order on iTunes.

A new song called ‘Ways to be Wicked’ has been released with a lyric video on YouTube. It has a pop-rock feel to it and could possibly be this movie’s theme (like ‘Rotten to the Core’ was for the first one). It features all of the main VKs: Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (BooBoo Stewart).

You can have a listen to it here:

Have a look at the track list on Instagram here:

The soundtrack looks interesting. ‘Kiss the Girl’ – possibly a homage to The Little Mermaid? Seeing as there is a new character, Uma (playedby China Anne McClain) – daughter of Ursula from The Little Mermaid this could possibly happen.

If you pre-order the soundtrack, then you get ‘Ways to be Wicked’ as well as three songs. The songs come from the animated Descendants: Wicked World.

Who’s excited? The movie premiere is getting real close!

New ‘Descendants’ trailer

A new trailer for the second ‘Descendants’ movie has just been released! The trailer features the four main VKs: Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (Boo Boo Stewart).

Have a look at it here:

The VKs look like they’re up to something eh? Seems like they’re going back to the Isle of the Lost. Also, does that sound like a snippet of one of the songs?

With all these teaser trailers, it’s getting us real excited for the movie? Who else is excited???

New Descendants 2 trailer!!!

Another promo for the new Descendants DCOM has just been released! I’m sorry for all the posts about Descendants, but I’m just too excited.

In this new promo we get a better glimpse of Uma (played by China Anne McClain) as well as the other new characters. The previous trailer which was announced a few weeks ago had a sneak peek of Uma but we never really got to appreciate the whole thing. This new trailer provides a better shot of the appearances of Uma as well as Harry Hook (Captain Hook’s son, played by Thomas Doherty) and Gil (Gaston’s son, played by Dylan Playfair). The promo also features the 4 Villain Kids (VKs).

The background music sounds like a new song that’s probably going to be on the soundtrack/in the movie and sounds like China Anne McClain singing.

Does the trailer get you hyped for the movie?


All credits to Disney for the trailer.

New Descendants 2 promos!!!

AHHH!!!!! New promos for Descendants 2 – Long Live Evil have dropped a few days ago. The video and poster feature the 4 VKs – Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay – who we have come to love from the first movie debuting new looks. The video also features a snippet of King Ben in VK-like clothing and towards the end of the trailer there is a peek at Uma (who is Ursula’s daughter, portrayed by China Anne McClain)!

Have a look for at the trailer and poster for yourself:



Do these get you excited? Tell me how excited you are in the comments below! Descendants 2 is set to premiere on Disney Channel in the US in mid-2017.

All Copyrights go to Disney

Lab Rats: Elite Force is ending 😭

The season finale for Season 1 of Lab Rats: Elite Force is set to premiere on the 22nd of October and would be a 1-hour long finale. However, there has been no news of a renewal for a second season of LREF. Kelli Berglund also confirmed it was ending on social media.

The season finale’s plot would be that Roman and Riker are back and the team has to defend Centium City from their attack. This episode is also directed by William Brent who portrays Chase in LREF as seen by this tweet, so this will be a very special episode:

I really like this show and felt that there was a lot of character development of all of the characters that was different from the shows they came from. We get to see them away away from mission settings like those seen in Lab Rats which made for more comedic showing. Also, the characters from Might Med and Lab Rats seem to integrate nicely and we have seen new relationships being formed as well as some tension from working out the new group.

I think a second season would definitely develop each of the characters much further and we may be able to see what missions are like seeing as the team has been established. I also want to see the full extent of Bree’s powers that she obtained in this season. There’s a lot of storyline left for LREF and I really hope they do renew the season.

Don’t forget to watch LREF and if you feel like there should be a second season, sign this petition here.

Descendants: Wicked World Season 2!

It’s been almost five months since the last episode short of Descendants:  Wicked World, but now they are gracing our screens again. The new season of Descendants: Wicked World is set to premiere on the 21st of October.

The main cast will be reprising their roles and there are some new additional characters added. The last episode of Season 1 introduced CJ, Captain Hook’s daughter, so we’ll see whether they’ll develop her character further. Also being added is a character named Zevon, voiced by Bradley Steven Perry (Lab Rats: Elite Force), who is the son of Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. One casting change is that Freddie (Dr. Facilier’s daughter) would now be voiced by Lauryn McClain rather than China Anne McClain. This is because China is portraying Uma, Ursula’s daughter in Descendants 2.

Can’t wait for what this new season would bring! Let’s hope for more new songs and more exciting new adventures for the VKs!