Forever in Your Mind ‘Smooth’ Music Video

Last week, Forever in Your Mind released a new double-side single (two songs) called ‘Smooth’ and ‘Missing’.

A few days after the release of the singles, the music video for ‘Smooth’ came out. The music video is real ~smooth~ (see what i did there hehe). They incorporated some dancing into this video and it is on point.

The entire package of the song and the video show a lot of growth and maturity in their music and hopefully there will be more to come!

Watch the video here:


New Forever in Your Mind music!

Forever in Your Mind have just released two new songs!

The first song is called “Smooth”. It is about the¬†push and pull of getting into a relationship, the emotions of the other person and self of whether they like one another. It sounds like an internal dialogue of real events intermingled with imaginary things while trying to figure out feelings for a person.

The second song is called “Missing”. This song is about, perhaps a broken relationship or one that is barely hanging in there. This includes all the emotions associated with this, and “missing” the other person.

You can stream the songs on Spotify, or if you want – it’s available for order on iTunes. Which song is your favourite?