R5 New EP!

It’s been almost 2 years since R5 have released an album, so we know that they’ve been going hard trying to create wonderful new music. Well, they’ve just released a new EP called ‘New Addictions’! 😀

The EP features 5 songs and the band have been having secret listening parties for fans to have a first listen to the EP.

The EP is said to be more freeing in the sense that the band members didn’t stick to the traditional – Ross sings lead and the rest sing bits and pieces of songs. The EP is also said to have a Rocky solo (his first song he sings on his own). A music video for one of the songs called ‘If’ is also set to be released soon.

Their last EP ‘Heart Made Up On You’ came out in 2014 and it was a year later that ‘Sometime Last Night’ came out, so here’s hoping that a new album will be released within a year.

A review of the EP is coming soon, but have a listen to the EP on Spotify:


Forever in Your Mind ‘Smooth’ Music Video

Last week, Forever in Your Mind released a new double-side single (two songs) called ‘Smooth’ and ‘Missing’.

A few days after the release of the singles, the music video for ‘Smooth’ came out. The music video is real ~smooth~ (see what i did there hehe). They incorporated some dancing into this video and it is on point.

The entire package of the song and the video show a lot of growth and maturity in their music and hopefully there will be more to come!

Watch the video here:

New Forever in Your Mind music!

Forever in Your Mind have just released two new songs!

The first song is called “Smooth”. It is about the push and pull of getting into a relationship, the emotions of the other person and self of whether they like one another. It sounds like an internal dialogue of real events intermingled with imaginary things while trying to figure out feelings for a person.

The second song is called “Missing”. This song is about, perhaps a broken relationship or one that is barely hanging in there. This includes all the emotions associated with this, and “missing” the other person.

You can stream the songs on Spotify, or if you want – it’s available for order on iTunes. Which song is your favourite?

Moana’s ‘You’re Welcome’ – Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jordan Fisher

Hey hey! If you haven’t seen ‘Moana’ yet, get on it pronto because it is amazing. The movie is about a young girl Moana who has to rescue her island from devastation by finding the demigod Maui. It is also about her finding her path to self-discovery and who she is.

In the movie, Maui (played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) sings a song called ‘You’re Welcome’ which is basically about how he should be thanked for everything he has done for humankind. Jordan Fisher and Lin-Manuel Miranda also sang a version of this song which features on the ‘Moana’ soundtrack.

Well, recently, the music video for their version was released online and shows Jordan Fisher in New York and Lin-Manuel Miranda in London and then they go meet up in the studio to record the song.

Have a look at it here:

Anyone else wonders how Jordan Fisher can hit those high notes?

Sabrina Carpenter’s New Music Video

Sabrina Carpenter has just dropped the music video for one of the singles from her second album ‘Evolution’ called ‘Thumbs’.

The music video is set in a New York Subway that looks very similar to the one seen on Girl Meets World (could it possibly be the same one?). This probably is a tribute to Girl Meets World seeing that the show is over 😦 .

In the video, we see a lot of people from different backgrounds commuting on the subway and at times singing along to the song. The basis of the song is about how everyone in the world goes about doing things in an almost similar fashion repeatedly, but we somehow need to break this cycle and not become like everyone else.

Have a look at the video here:

Has anyone made sense of the first verse and the connection of all the family members?

Sofia Carson’s new song!

Heya guys! Sofia Carson is releasing new music real soon.

She teased her new single “Back to Beautiful” on all her social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The teaser is a 10 second long video of a snippet of the song. It also shows that it’ll be released on January 27th (i.e. real soon!)

Check out the teaser:


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