Alex Aiono and Sabrina Carpenter collab!

Hey guys! Recently, Alex Aiono and Sabrina Carpenter teamed up to perform their cover of Charlie Puth’s song ‘Attention’.

Sabrina is going on tour real soon (The De-Tour tour) across the U.S and Alex Aiono is going to be a special guest on her tour. Alex Aiono recently hosted at this year’s RDMA and also hosts a show on Radio Disney.

The cover was posted to Alex’s YouTube page (with 4.7 million subscribers) and the video has already amassed 1.8 million views. This version of song is funky (with some sort of squawking noise? and a good bass line)  and overall a great rendition of the original.

Have a look here:


New Disney Channel Show!!

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while and there has been a lot of news while I was away. The first news is that there is a new show on Disney Channel! If you’re already missing ‘Girl Meets World’ then this show may help fill that void.

The show is called ‘Andi Mack’ and follows the title character (played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee) who is used to following the rules and having routine in her life. However, this is altered when her older sister Bex comes home before her 13th birthday and reveals something that will change Andi’s life. Doesn’t that sound interesting???

The show was written by Terri Minsky who created ‘Lizzie McGuire’ which was an iconic show on Disney Channel back in the day (about 13 years ago).

To top that all off, Sabrina Carpenter sings the theme song “Tomorrow Starts Today” so that’s a ‘Girl Meets World’ connection right there.

If this show sounds cool to you, it is already available on-demand but the official air-date is April 7th on Disney Channel. 🙂

Sabrina Carpenter’s New Music Video

Sabrina Carpenter has just dropped the music video for one of the singles from her second album ‘Evolution’ called ‘Thumbs’.

The music video is set in a New York Subway that looks very similar to the one seen on Girl Meets World (could it possibly be the same one?). This probably is a tribute to Girl Meets World seeing that the show is over 😦 .

In the video, we see a lot of people from different backgrounds commuting on the subway and at times singing along to the song. The basis of the song is about how everyone in the world goes about doing things in an almost similar fashion repeatedly, but we somehow need to break this cycle and not become like everyone else.

Have a look at the video here:

Has anyone made sense of the first verse and the connection of all the family members?

No more Girl Meets World :(

If you’ve been reading this blog, I mentioned in my Countdown to Christmas  that there was no news on whether Girl Meets World was going to be renewed for a Season 4.

Well, recently, the sad news has come that there won’t be another season of Girl Meets World. *cue very very sad music* 😦

The cast have released heartfelt letters on social media expressing how much the show meant to them, as well as thanking their fans for all the support they have shown throughout the three seasons and trying to get the show saved.

A recent episode called “World Meets Girl” aired, where we got to see what happens behind-the-scenes with the cast. There was also a live segment where the cast asked the live audience questions and we got to see how the show has impacted/changed/inspired people all over the world. The power of the bay window (where Riley and Maya sit and have conversations about the world and life) was shown to be a true thing.

The last episode titled “Girl Meets Goodbye” features some of the original cast from Boy Meets World so it was a grand final goodbye.

It is sad to a show that teaches such inspiring life lessons go but I think it’s safe to say that during it’s 2 and a half years of broadcast have impacted its watchers in some shape or form.

What was your favourite moment or episode of Girl Meets World?

Sabrina Carpenter’s New Album!

It has arrived! Sabrina Carpenter has recently released her second, or sophomore, album and have gifted our ears with amazing new music.

The new album contains 10 songs, including the singles “On Purpose”, “All we have is Love”, “Run and Hide” and “Thumbs” that she released leading up to the album release.

The new album is a definite evolution from her first one, with a more edgy and mature sound that contrasts from the light and youthful of her first album. It shows her growing up in the year and a half since her first album that definitely shows in the music. She sings about being too young to fall in love in ‘Eyes Wide Open’ to being in love and falling out of love in her new album.

Her voice is also much more mature and the strength of her voice is definitely showcased in this album. From soaring high notes to being in the lower register and the control of her voice on lighter, quieter notes definitely shows the impeccable range that this girl has.

You can listen to all the songs from the album including acoustic and live versions of some of the songs:

Sabrina Carpenter also did a live concert on the Honda Civic Stage where some of the songs of the album was performed as well as some from her first album and covers of Beyonce’s “Freedom” and Nick Jonas’ “Close”. You can view all videos relating to those here.

Sabrina Carpenter is also on tour in the U.S, so check out whether she’s coming to a town near you!

This album definitely shows a progression from the first album and we are expecting great things for her in the future! Right now, this album will be on replay until the next one. ☺

Dream Big, Princess

I recently stumbled across this amazing campaign that was started way back in February. This initiative to inspire kids of all ages to aim for their dreams and dream big. This is helped by seeing what each Disney princess overcame to live their own dream.

Disney takes the stories and qualities of these Disney princess and puts them into a theme that they have every month from friendship to adventure which kids can share under these themes.

I also came across a Spotify playlist containing all the songs from these movies as well as a mashup from Cinderella, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and “So This is Love” done by Sabrina Carpenter. You can listen to the whole playlist here:

I think this is an amazing thing that Disney is doing to encourage kids to go out and try to accomplish the dreams with help from some of their role models.

New Sabrina Carpenter music!

It’s getting real close to the release of Sabrina Carpenter’s second album (October 14)! If you pre-order the album on iTunes, you get to preview “All we need is love” and “Run and Hide”.

The new songs are a definite evolution from her first album and I am really digging her new mature sound.

If you want, you can listen to these new songs both from the soundtrack, live and acoustically as well as commentary on the songs on Sabrina’s YouTube Channel here:

Sabrina Carpenter is also going on tour in the U.S. starting from October 18th so check here to find out if she’s coming to a town near you!

Absolutely cannot wait to hear all the music on the album, but for now these songs are on repeat!