Lodge music (again!)

Heyhey! Haven’t posted in a while, and there’s so much news to cover… so I better get started!

The second season of ‘The Lodge’ is set to premiere on Disney Channel UK real soon. A new music video was released on the Disney Channel UK YouTube page called ‘Over Til’ It’s Over’. We’ve already had a sneak preview of this song when there was an announcement of a special guest.

The song is sassy and has a nice beat to it, the dance moves in the video are real snappy and lively that it makes you want to join in and dance (even if you can’t). It features the entire cast, including a new member called Alex. She’s new this season of ‘The Lodge’ and is described as ‘ loves skateboarding and is totally chill, free-spirited and independent but there’s more to her than meets the eye’. Can’t wait to see how she fits within the cast.

Have a look at the music video here:

This is getting us real excited for the new season! Who else is excited?


The Lodge news!

Hey everyone!

More ‘The Lodge’ news has been announced, well it’s more a confirmation than an announcement. But anyway, a few weeks ago I posted about how there was going to be a guest star on the new season of ‘The Lodge’. A video was uploaded online on various platforms, including the Disney Channel UK YouTube page and Sophie Simnett’s Twitter Account showing a mysterious guest star (we all know that it’s Dove Cameron now, so not that secret anymore)

Well, it was recently announced by Disney Channel UK via Twitter that Dove Cameron is indeed going to be a guest star!

Here is the post:

Dove is set to play a character named Jess. Her outfit looks amazing. She’s ~sporting~ (see what I did there?) gorgeous looking cotton candy pink hair. I have so many questions about the character! Like: will she have a British or American accent? will she sing a song in the show? how will her character fit into the current narrative of ‘The Lodge’? OMG SO MANY QUESTIONS. The character description says she’s sporty, and seeing as both Ben and Sean are into mountain/dirt biking, maybe Dove’s character is into that too?

Ahh!! I’m so excited to see Dove bring this character to life!

The premiere of the second season of ‘The Lodge’ will premiere on June 9th on Disney Channel UK!

Some ‘The Lodge’ news: Music Video and Special Guest! (updated)

The second season of ‘The Lodge’ is set to premiere soon and Disney Channel have released some teasers. The music video for ‘It’s My Time’ was just released and it was amazing.

Recently, a new music video for a song called ‘Figure it Out’ was released. It is performed by Danielle (portrayed by Bethan Wright). The song is slightly angsty and I wonder what she’s trying to figure out 😉 . The music video gives all the feels with dancing in the middle of an empty road and kicking leaves in the forest.

Have a look at it here:

UPDATE: The full version of this song was released on the Disney Music VEVO YouTube page. The song is titled ‘Danielle Version’ which probably means that they’re going multiple versions in the season. This may be similar to ‘Something About Me’ in Season 1 which was sung by Kaylee, Danielle and Sean. I can’t wait to hear other versions of the song and how their character’s narrative fits into the interpretation of the song.

Have a listen to the full version of the song here:

Also, it was announced (now confirmed) that there is going to GUEST STAR on the show. There was a sneak peek video of the cast keeping beat to a song (possibly a new Season 2 song). Blink and you’ll miss it!

Can you guess who the guest star is? *Scroll further down if you want the answer*





IT’S DOVE CAMERON!!!!!!!! So excited to see what kind of character she plays and what her role is within the group. Ahhhh!! Can’t wait for Season 2 to premiere!

Who else is excited for season 2 of ‘The Lodge’?

UPDATE: New Lodge music!!!

New music from the second season of ‘The Lodge’ has just been released!

The song is called ‘It’s My Time’ and it’s a real dance anthem. The bright colours, the dancing and the music are all getting me hyped up for the new season of the show!

There are hints at what might happen. Will Kaylee and Noah get together? What about the Skye, Ben and Sean triangle? Who knows!!!!!

Looking forward to the new season, but you can have a look at the music video here:

EDIT: The full music video for the song has been released on the Disney Music VEVO YouTube page. It’s even better than the preview and I can’t stop playing it! Most of the main characters have solo parts and there’s more dancing!!! This is making me so excited for the new season which premieres in June on Disney Channel UK.

Have a look for yourself here:

The Lodge: Live!

The characters of the new Disney Channel show ‘The Lodge’ recently did a live performance. There are small videos on the Disney Channel UK YouTube page, but the show is being exclusively played on Disney Channel (though am not sure of whether it’s just UK or worldwide).

Here is the cast performing Believe That live:

Hopefully Disney Channel load more of the performance on the YouTube page, so look out for them!

I’m really excited for Season 2, who else is excited?

Countdown: 11 days till Christmas

Second post in this series and exciting news just in!

If you’ve seen my other posts, you know that I am currently obsessed with the UK series ‘The Lodge‘. The first season recently ended with only 10 episodes and it ended on such a cliffhanger that I just wanted more (don’t want to spoil it, so if you haven’t – watch it).

Well, my calls have been answered and Disney Channel UK have just announced that a second season is on its way in 2017 (10/10 excited for this)! They have posted on Instagram and YouTube of this exciting news. Hopefully they tie up all the loose ends from Season 1 and that there’s more new music.

Have a look at the announcements here:

‘The Lodge’ – Impressions

Hey guys! If you’ve seen my last post, recently there has been a new show on Disney Channel called ‘The Lodge‘. I’ve recently watched it and I absolutely love it!

(there may be some spoilers ahead, I’m sorry but I may get really excited)

‘The Lodge’ centres around 15 year old Skye (Sophie Simnett) who moves from the city to rural Northern Ireland, to a local hotel where her mother grew up. However, what she didn’t know when she moved is that her father and grandfather were planning to sell the place. Skye convinces them to not sell and gives the place a unique and modern makeover. She also attracts the eye of a TV reality producer who wants to showcase Skye in a show called “My Amazing Life” and show how she is running the hotel.

Skye also make friends with the workers at the “North Star Lodge” (the hotel) who are all around the same age as her. She gets to experience what her mother felt like growing up and discovers bits of her mother’s past she never knew about (this adds a cool mystery element to the show). Skye also gets into some sort of love triangle between two friends (which kinda resembles ‘Girl Meets World’ but with swapped genders).

My first impression of ‘The Lodge’ was that the first episode had some quite awkward dialogue which was expected when the cast is introduced to one another. However, as the series progressed Skye made quick friends with most of the people and we see how the friendship blossoms.

If you read my previous post, I predict that there would be some spontaneous singing. Well, my predictions were right! There is a tendency in each of the episodes for one or few of the cast members to break into song. However, the songs in the series do help and move the storyline along. Some of the songs are sung a number of times by different members of the cast which turns the song into their own and showcases their voices. Even some of the guest stars get to sing a song and I was thoroughly surprised by the talent of the whole cast!

This show has seriously left me on the edge of my seat with all the drama and mystery involved with it and I always can’t wait for the next episode to show. Unfortunately, ‘The Lodge’ only has the first season with 10 episodes and I am unsure whether there’s going to be a second season (please let’s hope there is). This show has a lot of good aspects to it and I especially love the singing. It happens, although it is quite weird to just break into song, more organically and involves more cast members than just performance-based typed singing seen in ‘Liv & Maddie’ or ‘Austin & Ally’.

If you want to hear all the songs from the show, they are available for purchase from Apple iTunes music or streamed on Spotify. My favourite songs from the show have got to be ‘Believe That’ and ‘What I’ve Been Wishing For’.

If you haven’t watched the show, I highly recommend you watch it!!! It has so many different genres involved from comedy to mystery to musical and romance so there would always be something in this show that you would find interesting.